About Us

Founded in Rimini in 1999, Cittadinanza Onlus is an association that carries out and supports projects of international cooperation, training and awareness-raising for the welfare of people with mental illness and children with disabilities in low and middle income countries.

Our mission 

To return the feeling of being a citizen to all those who experience disability or mental health problems in a context of poverty. We work so that every child, young or adult can be included in their community, feel welcome, have access to quality care, take the first steps towards a dignified life, leave behind stigma, prejudice and isolation. 

Our vision 

We believe in the world in which there are no second-rate citizens, but in which each individual can have his own rights.

Our values

We believe that people with disabilities or mental health problems are entitled to:

  • not be subjected to discrimination
  • autonomy and self-determination
  • free social and health services
  • social, school and work inclusion

We undertake to observe: 

  • enhancement of partnerships and local skills
  • respect for cultures
  • communication that is not detrimental to dignity
  • transparency.