Old project

2000 - 2003

Families at the centre in India

The project has encouraged families to take care of mentally ill and disabled people (about 2000), overcoming institutionalization and promoting daily attendance at 10 day care centres.

(Partner: National Institute for Mental Health of Bangalore, OMS)

Mapping mental health-ATLAS

The “ATLAS” project carried out a survey in 192 countries on the importance of mental health in the world: number of psychiatrists per 100,000 inhabitants, specific policies, community services, hospital beds.

(Partner: OMS)

A model to follow in Serbia

The day care centre of Smederevska Palanka, for the treatment of children and adolescents suffering from severe mental illness, has become a therapeutic model to be proposed in the progressive overcoming of psychiatric institutes. At the end of the project, the management of the centre passed to the municipality.

(Partner: Save the Children, local authorities)

Investing in communities in India (Chennai)

The “OUTREACH” project helped develop community-based mental health services for identification, initial treatment and possibly referral to the nearest hospital.

(Partner:SCARF-Schizophrenia Research Foundation)

Towards the daycare centres in Albania (Berat)

The project supported and managed a day care centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in Berat.

(Partner: Shen Asti Foundation)

Mental Health for All in India (Gurgaon)

Cittadinanza supported the Richmond Fellowship Society, in the “OUTREACH PROGRAM” project. Through the project, the presence of psychiatric services integrated into primary health care available on a regular basis was ensured.

(Partner: OMS)

People Beyond Disability

Cittadinanza supports the Best New Life Shelter day centre, which guarantees rehabilitation and educational activities for about forty children and young people with disabilities and mental retardation, through involvement of trainers with disabilities and some parents.

(Partner: Best Life New Shelter)

Community Mental Health in India (Thiroporur)

The project supported community mental health services in the rural area of Thiroporur.

(Partner:SCARF-Schizophrenia Research Foundation)

Networking - International meetings

Cittadinanza held 3 International Meetings in Rimini entitled “Strengthening Mental Health Systems in Low and Middle Income Countries”, encouraging the meeting and collaboration of representatives of ministries, international organizations, foundations and potential donors, NGOs.

(Partner: OMS)

Inclusion goal - Leonardo program

The “NGOS FOR MENTAL HEALTH” project was an opportunity to exchange good practices on mental health, with a particular focus on the work of people with disabilities.

(Partner: OMS)

Accessible Mental Health in Panama

Cittadinanza has supported, both economically and through its staff, the implementation of the WHO “MHGAP” program. The program has as its main objective the integration of mental health into basic medical services, through the training of non-specialized health care personnel such as family doctors or nurses.

(Partner: OMS)

Disability in the slum in Kenya (Kibera, Nairobi)

Cittadinanza ha sostenuto la Richmond Fellowship Society, nel progetto “OUTREACH PROGRAM”. Tramite il progetto è stata garantita la presenza sul territorio di servizi di tipo psichiatrico integrati con la medicina di base e disponibili in modo regolare.

(Partner: OMS)

Against stigma - (Grundtvig program)

The “A Positive Journey” project addressed the issue of the stigma that disadvantaged groups have to face. The partners have achieved an exchange of good practices, shared communication and learning tools to fight exclusion.


Inside and outside the hospital - Ethiopia (Waliso)

The project aims to strengthen mental health services and the rehabilitation of children with disabilities in the area served by the St. Luke hospital in Waliso, Oromia Region.

(Partner: Doctors with Africa CUAMM, St. Luke Hospital, Vision Community Based Rehabilitation Association)